Basics of Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production System (TPS) cover

Basics of Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production System (TPS)

Online Training and Certification course on Basics of Lean Manufacturing & Toyota Production System (TPS)

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Instructor: Aryan Viswakarma

Language: Hindi

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Course: Lean Manufacturing

Course Duration: 12 hrs


Course Objectives

Lean Manufacturing or simply Lean is a process proven to be successful at many fortune 500 companies. It is a proven method to significantly bring down costs. Lean manufacturing is customer focused, and it's all about developing & maintaining a system to provide value to its customers. It teaches how to eliminate wasteful practices & create more valuable products for the customers.

QHI certification for Lean Manufacturing Professional assesses the candidate in designing, implementing and maintaining lean principles for lean manufacturing. The certification tests the candidates on various areas like waste elimination, 5S, Using Kaizen, SMED, Kanban Card System, One-piece flow production system, Visual management, TPM and preparing roadmaps for implementing lean manufacturing.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who Should Attend?

  • All working professionals (apply to all levels and veridical of all industries)
  • Anybody eager of learning and enhancing his knowledge on this domain
  • Students

Certification Exam

Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple choice and/or descriptive questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The exam will be conducted online. It is only offered in English.

Pass Criteria:  > 60% marks

For candidates clearing the exam successfully certificate shall be issued by Quality HUB India, which is a registered organisation with GOI for training and certification courses.

  • Note: One extra opportunity will be given to unsuccessful candidates free of charge.

How will I benefit from this certification?

Lean manufacturing is on of the most sought after excellence strategies among leading companies & organizations. Lean Manufacturing professionals are in tremendous demand in global market. With the demand for low cost production rising, Manufacturing companies constantly look for Lean specialists to meet for low cost production & increase profitability & efficiency. Various public and private companies also hire Lean Manufacturing Professional for their process control and quality control departments.


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