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Advanced Statistical Tools and Techniques

Online Training and Certification course on Advanced Statistical Tools and Techniques

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Instructor: Aryan Viswakarma

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: 730 days

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Course: Advanced Statistical Tools (AST)

Course Duration: 13 hrs


Course Objectives

Statistics, at its disciplinary core, is the science of understanding data. Qualitative data, which is difficult or impossible to quantify, and quantitative data are both types of information that statistics help us analyze, process and use.

The better grasp you have on statistics and statistical analysis, the more prepared you’ll be in a range of activities and situations, from playing games to doing your job in professional life. Statistical analysis is prevalent in all walks of life, and all professionals should have basic understanding of statistics.

“Statistics…is the most important science in the whole world: for upon it depends the practical application of every other science and of every art; the one science essential to all political and social administration, all education, all organization based upon experience, for it only gives the results of our experience.”

Data is everywhere. If you want to navigate the world properly, you need to have a handle on statistics.


Candidates shall have basic understanding on the concepts of statistics and shall have interest on the subject.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals engage in problem solving, analysis etc
  • Anybody eager of learning and enhancing his knowledge on this domain
  • Students studying statistics, doing research

Certification Exam

Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple choice and/or descriptive questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The exam will be conducted online. It is only offered in English.

Pass Criteria:  > 60% marks

For candidates clearing the exam successfully certificate shall be issued by Quality HUB India, which is a registered organisation with GOI for training and certification courses.

  • Note: One extra opportunity will be given to unsuccessful candidates free of charge.

How will I benefit from this certification?

Statistical data reveals broad implications that can dictate how entire organizations are run. Take the field of education as an example. Teachers use statistics to create fair tests. Students use statistical probabilities to determine what they need to study most before exams.

School psychologists and nurses use statistics to ask for the resources they’ll need to help kids, while voters consider data while determining their school district’s annual budget. At every level someone is crunching numbers and using data to guide their decision-making.

This course is designed by Quality HUB India for all those professionals, students, engineers who wants to enhance their carrier either in the field of Statistics, Problem Solving, Six Sigma and other relevant fields.


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