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Basics of Quality Management

Globally recognised and accredited Online Training and Certification course on 'Basics of Quality Management'


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Instructors: Aryan Viswakarma

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Why this course?


Course: Basics of Quality Management

Course Duration: 25 hrs

Course Objectives

Identify ethical and unethical behavior in Quality Management. Apply various quality improvement techniques. Describe and apply the development and nature of quality control charts. Apply the basic concepts of statistics and probability to quality management and control.


There is no prerequisite for this program.

Who Should Attend?

Any fresher or any person willing to learn about the quality

Certification Exam

  • Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.
  • The exam will be conducted online.
  • It is only offered in English.
  • The exam Should be taken within a year of the date of registration of the course.
  • *Taking an exam after one year will incur a fee*
  • After the certificate is issued, you must wait 30 days to get a hard copy of the Certificate.
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Pass Criteria:  > 60% marks

For candidates clearing the exam successfully certificate shall be issued by Quality HUB India, which is a registered organization with GOI for training and certification courses.

  • Note: One extra opportunity will be given to unsuccessful candidates free of charge.

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Course Curriculum

  • What is Quality - Introduction and Evolution
  • · What is Quality? Definition of Quality, what is Assurance and What is Quality Assurance

    · What is Quality Control? Understand the difference between QA VS QC

    · Do we need Quality Control?

    · Real Life Scenario of QA and QC

    Management and Transition of Quality

    · Transition of Quality

    · Why is Quality appreciated

    · Management and PDCA Cycle of Management

    · Management Cycle and Taylor Cycle

    Instrument and Gauges

    · Introduction to Vernier Caliper and Micrometer

    · 10 Key differences between 'Vernier Caliper' and 'Micrometer'

    · Similarities between Vernier and Micrometer

    · Different Types of Micrometers and its usage

    · Introduction to Least count of Instrument

    · Introduction to the Range of Instrument

    · Least Count VS Accuracy

    · What is Zero Error in Vernier Caliper?

    · Least Count Vs Precision

    · New Technology in Measurement

    · Introduction to GO-NOGO Gauge

    · Difference between Calibration and Validation

    Inspection Types

    · Introduction to Inspection and Stages of Inspection

    · Inspection and Types of Inspection

    · Understand Incoming Inspection, In process Inspection & Final Inspection

    · What is Layout Inspection?

    · What is Dock Audit?

    Basics of Quality Management

    · Introduction to Calibration

    · Basic requirement for Calibration & Environment

    · Difference between Continuous Vs Continual Improvement

    · Critical to Quality(CTQ) VS Critical to Process (CTP) VS Critical to Customer (CTC)

    · Cost of Quality (COQ) and its elements

    · Difference between OEM and Tiers

    · Level of Documents

    · Difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight

    · Concept of Firewall and its Stages

    · Approach for Improvement

    · Difference between Product and Process Characteristics

    · Total Quality Management (TQM) Vs Total Productive maintenance (TPM)

    · What is 'PPM'? How to Calculate PPM. Conversion from % to PPM and Vice Versa

    Basic Problem Solving Tools & Methods

    · Gantt Chart (A Very Important Project Management Tool)

    · 5W and 1 H - A Perfect approach to defining a problem

    · Introduction to POKAYOKE (Mistake Proofing) Technique

    · Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Method with Case Study

    Gurus of Quality Revolution

    · Quality Guru -Deming, Joseph M. Juran, Philip B. Crosby, Masaaki Imai

    Audits and Its Types

    · Process Audit VS Product Audit

    · Manufacturing Process Audit - Standard Requirement, Auditor Competency, Details with a format

    · What an Audit is and the Types of Audits?

    · Layered Process Audit (LPA)

    Basic Quality Documents

    · Basic Documents Intro (Levels of Documents)

    · Basic Documents (Quality Manual)

    · Basic Documents (Quality Policy)

    · Basic Documents (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

    · Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    · One Point Lesson (One Point Lesson-OPL)

    · Basic Quality Documents (Cyclic Check Sheet)

    · Basic Quality Documents (Work Instruction -WI)

    · What is SOP? Why do we need SOP?

    · Steps for writing SOP

    · SOP Content and Sample SOP

    Quality Structure, Responsibility, Authority, Competency & QMS

    · QA Organogram structure

    · Head QA Responsibility and Authority

    · QMS (ISO9001) - Introduction, Difference in clauses ISO9001 2008 vs 2015, 7QM Principles & Risk-based Thinking

    Stop the Line Concept

    · Stop line concept- Introduction

    · Stop line Concept-Benefits and How to Reduce

    Engineering Drawing

    · Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD & T) – Introduction

    · Types of Projections in Engineering Drawing

    · Reading Engineering Drawing

    · Hole and Shaft Basis System

    Mechanical Properties & Testing

    · Mechanical Properties of Material

    · Destructive Test (DT) VS Non-Destructive Test(NDT)

    · Example of Destructive Test - Chisel and Peel test

    Non Conformity Handling

    · Different NC Terms and its definitions

    · Difference between Rework and Repair

    · Deviation Management

    · Rework Work Instruction

    Industry Best Practices

    · TQM Principle and Approaches

    · Kaizen & Types of Waste

    · What is 5S (Learn all the 5 steps of this methodology)?

    · Inspection Table Standardization at the Firewall

    · Introduction to "Skill Matrix”. Need, Benefits, Method, and Criteria

    · Case Study on Skill Matrix

    Analysis and Case Study

    · Red Bin Analysis system, benefits, and approach

    · Case Study on 7 Quality Control Tool Project

    · QA MIS - Template & Content

    · 4 M matrix Analysis - Case Study

    · Quality Analysis - Case Study

    Additional Resources

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  • format- 06 no.

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